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recorded and mixed by XraccoonX
@LK rehearsal room, morbegno (so)
@Racün studio, delebio (so)
august 2016/january 2017

mastered by Lorenzo Piffer
@Frizzer studio, trento (tn)
january 2017


released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


SKÅYA Sondrio, Italy

fast stuff
ready to fight!

lino - vocals
schweps - guitar
xandrex - bass
michael - drums

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Track Name: Ricercata Certezza
Every belief is falling down
Can you hear the violent sound?
I'm the slave of my mind
I can't escape from this grime
I’m losing control again
Could I stop this stupid game?
No one can give me help
It only depends on myself

I can’t be the owner of my life
I need a hand on the shoulder
Before hope going further

The aim is to break this vicious chain
Step by step I'll retake the reins
A lot of time has gone by
But all I want is to always be fine!
Track Name: No Hope With Cops
Betting on the life of the weaks, what do you feel?
Scaring the poors, who are you trying to fool?
Please stay in line if you wanna be fine

Protect us they say, repression is the way
Their justice is a lie, they wanna see us dying
They are here to help, but they send us to hell

No hope with cops
No future with cops

Don’t tell me there’s no alternative than to be a cog of their system
Track Name: Be Yourself
Have no fear of their attacks
Queer kids rise up!

Be yourself trust no one
Be yourself don't surrender
I'm not ashamed of being a fag

Stay away it's not my blame
Stay away it is my claim
Stay away I hate your faith
Stay away I'm a burning flame

Be yourself trust no one
Be yourself don't surrender
I'm not ashamed of being a fag
Track Name: What A Bore!
Drugs are boring and you too
Your life is the proof
I don't wanna accept your invite anymore
What the hell are you looking for
Wasting my time is not my story
That's the fun with no glory
Now I've found my way
I won't be part of your dead wave.

I won't be trapped in your cage
Or you'll try my rage

Drugs are boring and you too
This is my truth so fuck you!
Track Name: Privilege Is Gone
Infinite critiques
‘Cause we are freaks
Privilege is gone
Kindness ignored

We are chased by our past
The proofs are our scars
Stay alert we aren’t so kind
We’ll fight for our life

We are untamable
We are unpredictable
And we are not gonna stop

Society criticizes us
A safe world is our task
Our feelings aren't fake
Male privilege is what we hate

Masculinity is so straight
It traumatized our lives
Our feelings aren't fake
Male privilege is what we fuckin' hate
Track Name: Not In My Name
No mercy for who loses their houses, their lives
Trample on their dignity for some personal profit

Western society gets blood on its hands
Just to enrich their lands more
Unjustified violence for the human greed
I fear all these hate seeds

With world borders
We lose control
Track Name: Loss Of Energy
I scream against a refractory wall
Stealing my energy seems it's goal
All this sickness is tearing me down
But at least I'm holding my ground

You don't wanna hear me
You cannot change me
You don't wanna hear me
Fuck you!

I'm gonna live my life free and wild
I'm not anymore your beloved child
I've just made my difficult choice
It's not my intention to lose my voice

Everything is gonna be ok
The future isn't grey!